Applied filters easier to manage when all grouped together.

Disclaimer: This report is for demonstration purposes only. I have not been hired by Matalan to produce this report and this report is purely to demonstrate my analysis, reporting and collaborating platform.
Womens: Shop All (Category Page)
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Group and display all applied filters at the top of the Filters section (or above product listings). Allow the user to remove an active filter by clicking on a close (x) button. Also add a 'clear all' link if possible.

Alternative Solutions: 

Add a 'clear' link above each individual block of filters.


For the engaged user, it is easy for an active filter (chosen facet) to go unnoticed - specially if the list of available filters for a particular category page is very long and multiple filters are active and separated vertically in space such that they are not all visible in the same screen (i.e. some above and some below the fold).

Also, it requires more [cognitive] effort to 'uncheck' multiple boxes in different places on the screen - compared to when they are all neatly grouped together.

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Standard Recommendation
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Not Implemented

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